Joshua & Brittany ~ D.C. Area Wedding

This beautiful wedding ceremony was held at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Triangle, Virginia. The reception took place at The Columbus Club of Arlington, which has a historic stone mansion on the grounds that made for some incredible shots. Many of the guests got stuck in traffic on I-95, which gave us even more time to do some fun portraiture on the beautiful grounds.

Brittany's poise and grace coupled with a beautiful dress made for some incredibly elegant photos, even in seemingly inconsequential moments.

What you see: the bride and groom exiting the church through a flurry of bubbles.
What you don't see: me absolutely loving my new wide-angle lens.

What a classy looking bride!

We made good use of the huge pillars in front of the mansion...

...and the staircase in the foyer...

...and back to the pillars.

A fun group of ladies.

A dapper group of gentlemen.

The bride's brother serenely playing cello on the beautiful grounds.

A nice candid of the bride trying to keep their candles lit in the wind.

The first dance

The groom's cake. Like the Seahawks or not, that is one cool cake!

Their gorgeous wedding cake

Cutting the cake

Dancing, singing and really feeling the music

The Virginia Reel

And, always a hit, the Congo line

Everyone stopped to watch this couple's salsa dancing. It was pretty incredible.

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