Artful Touches ~ Jim & Jessica

This couple had a beautiful wedding and absolutely loved their pictures. They also have an artistic bent and so they elected the Artful Touches advanced artistic polishing package in order to have some of their favorite images tweaked by yours truly and give them a new look. I always love to hear commentary from my couples on which pictures are their favorites and why. Of course, on every wedding day I end up with my own favorite shots, but I want to know just which ones my clients like best. While I most often choose favorites that have a certain technical quality and aesthetic beauty, my couples love reliving a particular moment or seeing a subtle look in their spouse that few would even recognize.

Here are a handful of Artful Touches edits from my most recent package:

I thought that an old-fashioned photograph look would suit this one

This shot reminded the groom of "Abbey Road", so I gave it a 60's-ish color caste

This couple is crazy about their dogs

Who doesn't want to remember their wedding day being just like this?

A simple, classic-looking color wash

Sepia tone is overused in contemporary photography. But, every once in a while...

The necklace and earrings belong to her mother and this image really shows them off

An extreme party in extreme colors

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