Photography Services

Every client receives:

~ the Digital image files
That's right--you'll get the high resolution, enhanced images, along with the copyright, because you should own the photos from your own wedding day!

~ An online proofing gallery
This gives you the option to order high-quality prints for yourself and send family & friends there to view images and even order prints for themselves.

~ Craig Spiering's signature photojournalistic style and award-winning service


Available options for your wedding collection:
~ A full set of your images in black & white or a low-resolution size (optimized for web use)
~ Gorgeous wedding albums and custom album design
~ Additional retouching or digital polishing on your selected images
~ Engagement Portraits, other portrait session (day after, bridal) or additional event coverage (e.g. rehearsal dinner)
~ A second photographer

Other Portraiture (families, head shots) also available on request.

Travel charges may apply, depending on distance from Front Royal, Virginia.  Out-of-state travel available on request.

Contact me today to check my availability, get a full price list or design a collection and book Spiering Photography.   


Frequently Asked Questions

What is your style of wedding photography?
Generally, I photograph the wedding day with a style that is typically called wedding photojournalism.  This means that most of the events of the day are documented in an unobtrusive, fly-on-the-wall manner.  I do not direct most of the shots.  That said, during certain moments of the day where there is a bit of flexibility (e.g. when getting ready or cutting the cake,) I may make suggestions of where to stand in order to best take advantage of available light and scenery.  Additionally, I will also take a handful of minutes (usually, from 10 to 55) during the day, to make some beautiful, casually posed images of the bride and groom—and sometimes even the wedding party (this can allow for some fun.)  I am also happy to preserve the details of the day with lovely pictures of the rings, flowers, dress, table centerpieces, etc.  My images of your guests will be mostly candid—capturing them at their best as they enjoy each other and your wedding day.

As a wedding photojournalist, do you still take posed family and bridal party images?
Of course.  The wedding day is a perfect time to document the gathering of family and the making of history.  I will send you a sample shot list to aid you in making your own and, while I may make suggestions based on my own experience, the groupings are ultimately your choice.  I work quickly with this portraiture, keeping the session casual and upbeat, so that you can get to the next big event of the day in due time.  This is often done immediately following the ceremony, though not necessarily so.

Craig, do you photograph the entire wedding day by yourself?
I am the sole, primary photographer.   

Is one photographer really enough?
While there are many photographers who do fantastic work in teams, I have found great success and simplicity by photographing weddings by myself.  My portfolio is my own and a vast majority of my weddings were photographed without a secondary shooter.  If you wish to see samples of entire wedding collections, just ask.

If I still want a second photographer, is there one available?
Yes.  If you are simply looking for a higher volume of images, I can bring a talented second shooter along.  Understand, that I will still serve as the primary photographer, giving you the style, service and quality that are associated with the Spiering name, while the secondary photographer will help to capture events and details from different angles and with various styles.

How many pictures from my wedding day will I get?
Of course, this will depend on several factors:  hours of coverage, travel time during the day, types of events, outdoor vs. indoor time, etc.  Generally, though, plan on a bare minimum of 100 images per hour of contracted coverage time (e.g. 600 images, if hired for 6 hours.) 

I understand that I will receive my wedding images on a flash drive, discs or via download.  Are these edited or raw, straight-out-of-the-camera images?  Am I seeing only a percentage of the images that you actually took?
Beauty and quality are important to my final product and so I have a thorough post-processing regimen.  Every image that you receive will be given (if necessary) a basic digital polishing to ensure good color, tone and composition.  I will only take out a small percentage of images where there are real technical issues (i.e. closed-eyes, exposure/focus faults, flash-failed-to-fire, etc.) or complete duplicates.  If I take a series of images, you receive the entire series, not just my own personal favorites—because your favorites are more important than mine!  It is my goal to give you as many images that document the truth and beauty of your wedding day as possible.

How long before I get to see the images?
Your images will be uploaded to the online gallery for viewing within 6 weeks of the wedding and your discs of the images will be sent out, generally, within a week of the gallery.

Do you use backups?
Of course!  Your wedding pictures are priceless!  I bring backup camera equipment to your wedding and I am thorough about saving a backup copy of your images.  From the moment your images are taken in-camera until long after you’ve received them, there are never less than two copies of your wedding pictures in existence.  This includes off-site backups of my work computer.

Are you insured?

Will you visit my wedding venue a week/month before the wedding date to scope out good locations for portraiture?
Since I often photograph weddings a good distance from my home and great on-location portraits depend on the type of light at a given time of day and my non-photography time is devoted to my family, the answer is, generally, no.  As an experienced wedding photojournalist, it is my job to quickly assess available lighting and scenery to determine good portrait spots.  And, if you’ve gone through my portfolio, I think you’ll agree that I’ve had great success with this.  That said, whenever possible, I do try to show up early to familiarize myself with a venue, make-ready my equipment and do some preliminary scouting.

Do you normally attend the rehearsal?
I am able to keep my costs low by not requiring you to pay me for extra services like attending your rehearsal.  I will be able to provide beautiful, photojournalistic coverage of your ceremony without doing so.  You are, however, welcome to hire me to photograph your rehearsal or rehearsal dinner for your overall wedding collection.  Just ask.

I want to know more about Craig Spiering and Spiering Photography.  What do we do next?  Do we need to meet up and discuss options?
Feel free to email/contact me to get a full price list or give me a call to get a quote.  I would love to meet you in person to discuss your wedding and my photography.  However, due to distance and busy schedules, many of my clients are unable to meet up with me during the planning process.  That's okay, we can certainly set up a time to chat on the phone and answer all of your questions.

How do I book you?
Once you've decided on the Collection or set of services that you'd like, I'll draw up a contract and email it out to you.  Then you can just read it over, print it, fill it out, sign it and mail it back to me with a deposit check to hold the date.   The rest of the fee is due on or before the wedding date (unless otherwise arranged.)  

If you are still early in the planning process and do not know exactly which options you would like or for how many hours you'd like to have me photograph, then you can just start with a basic booking (to reserve the date) and add options or hours later on.

I've booked you and am really looking forward to working with you.  What happens now?
Now you're all done!  Just kidding.  I’m sure that you've got plenty more work to do between now and your big day and I am happy to assist you in whatever way I can by drawing on my own wedding day experience.  Once we are booked, I will send you a welcome packet with information on photography, portraiture and family group shots.  Hopefully, this will assist you in the planning process.  Closer to the wedding date, we can finalize your group shot list and go over your schedule of events, as well as any other details that you feel are important for me to know.


Display your beautiful wedding photographs with a gorgeous, hand-crafted album made by Zookbinders®.  These durable books will stand the test of time and are available in three different styles and with multiple options.  All image layout and design is completed by Spiering Photography according to your requests.  See a sample of my design work here.

More information available with my price list.


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