What is AuthentiCapture?

The AuthentiCapture approach:
My photography stresses authenticity, capturing natural beauty and emotion in order to truly tell the story of your wedding day. From bridal preparation to your grand departure, these moments are about you and so I aim to be unobtrusive—following and recording real experiences as they happen.

Yet, AuthentiCapture isn't just about the candid shots. By taking a little time for some casual portraiture (individual, couple or group) we can achieve those special shots that characterize you on your wedding day. I keep my portraiture relaxed and fun, encouraging freedom of movement and expression, because natural beauty often comes best with little or no direction.

Authentically you:
You spend great time and effort to plan a wedding day that is memorable and unique and the pictures of that day should be as genuine as the personalities involved. If you're looking for a day's worth of set up shots, tailored to someone else's idea of what your wedding should look like, then I'm not the photographer for you. On the other hand, if you want pictures that are customized to your particular day and to the personalities of you and your family and friends, then you are looking for the AuthentiCapture approach.

Photography is not just about knowing how; it is about knowing when. There are times to be relaxed, fun and even wild; and there are other times and places where prudence and solemnity are paramount. I am happy to work with you and your ceremony site in order to conform to rules, personalities and comfort levels.

Authentically me:
My name is Craig Spiering and I am Spiering Photography. My portfolio is my work and no other will come in my stead. If you elect to have an additional photographer work with me, know that he or she will be working according to my standards in order to capture peripheral shots, while I remain the primary photographer. This is how I ensure that you get the quality of work you expect on such an important day. Find out why my clients enjoy working with me to capture the moments that will last a lifetime.

You may read my short biography here.

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