Kinds Words

Today, a very sweet mother-of-the-bride from this wedding in June wrote me a nice email to say "thank you" and ask a few questions. I want to post a portion of it, because I feel that it showcases the essence of my AuthentiCapture style and it always sounds so much better to me coming from a satisfied client.

"What a gift you have!! Our portfolio suggests that you were everywhere
at once, judging from all the charming personal moments and revealing
expressions you captured; yet you were "nowhere" in that I do not
remember any intrusion into the flow of the ceremony or the reception.
You have such an uncanny sense of knowing exactly where to be, and when
to be there. I cannot thank you enough for documenting our
once-in-a-lifetime celebration in such a sensitive and thorough way
that we can relive those happy hours. As the mother of the bride,
I am especially grateful because all the worries and stresses
of wedding planning have been forgotten; thanks to you, what I will
take with me from that beautiful day are cherished visual mementos of
all the people we love, sharing our family's joy."

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