Quarantine Weddings | Colton and Helen | Joe and Lizzie

"An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered. "  The present situation has canceled and changed the carefully laid plans of many and has left us all uncertain about the future.  Yet, good things are still occurring in this troubling time.  While the current lockdowns and quarantines may not allow for all of the ceremony and celebration that these couples had hoped for out of their wedding day, they have still plunged forward.  Eschewing a large reception and the gathering of extended family and friends to mark such a momentous occasion, they saw their union as having a primary importance in their future.  With only a handful of family members present for the ceremony and just a few photographs to commemorate the day of their union, these couples have chosen hope.  They placed their trust in one another and in their Creator.  They forged a bond that is so brilliant that it shines through the darkness.  Their love is a beacon of hope for us all.  Good things are still happening.

Over the last month, I have been privileged to photograph these two great couples on their wedding day.

Colton and Helen

Joe and Lizzie

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