Flush Mount Wedding Albums

Here are some sample pictures of a two wedding albums received by some of my clients this month.  The larger album is the 10"x10" PhotoBook Plus Flush Mount Album with a Wraparound image cover (also available in 12"x12").  This is the more affordable version of the large album styles I offer from Zookbinders and, as you can see, the quality, beauty and durability are still there.

The smaller album is the 6"x6" Parent Album PhotoBook.  Like the larger version, this 6"x6" PhotoBook (also available in 8"x8") is a Flush Mount Album with a lay-flat page design that allows panoramic images to smoothly spread across the beautifully printed pages.  I create the page designs and Zookbinders crafts these quality albums that you can proudly display as a record of your big day..


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